Why donate to the Centre ?

As an individual, member of an association, elected representative or business manager, why should you lend your financial support to the activities of the European Centre for Financial Law?

Because, like us, you wish to support research in law and finance


You wish to support higher education and research

  • By diffusing and facilitating advanced research in financial law
  • By funding talented young people through grants and training courses

You wish to contribute to the public debate around legal and financial issues

  • By enabling public and private decision makers to be guided by high-quality research
  • By encouraging the general public to take an interest in issues of law and finance

You wish to facilitate cooperation between the business and research sectors

  • By enabling university researchers to better understand the issues and environment faced by professionals
  • By enabling the completion of research work more closely suited to the demands of the market and its stakeholders

You are interested in the dynamic of European cooperation and wish to help promote French and European academic excellence

  • By encouraging mobility among researchers at continental level
  • By highlighting European academic contributions to international conferences


Because our collaboration may create value for your company or foundation

Support an activity meeting a public need for content on legal and financial issues and identifying new talent

The various events organised by the Centre will enable you to identify young researchers suitable for employment in your company, while also offering your existing staff the chance to inform themselves free of charge via the articles published by our experts on the Centre’s website

Commit the company to a CSR approach

The issue of corporate social responsibility (CSR) has become essential for companies. 

Funding study grants is an expression of intergenerational solidarity. 

It also provides a vital contribution to the diffusion of knowledge and methodological skills. 

By doing so, you are laying the foundations for the future economy

Qualify for tax relief

Donations made to the European Centre for Financial Law are deductible against corporate tax at a rate of 60% of the sums paid, up to a limit of 5% of turnover. 

Any excess may be carried forward in respect of the five subsequent financial years

Form a relationship of cooperation and trust with prestigious research centres

By being part of the patronage activities performed by the European Centre for Financial Law, you can demonstrate your support for the implementation of projects backed by these research centres and contribute to the development of European university research

Enjoy attractive benefits in kind

Project organisers and the European Centre for Financial Law can offer benefits in kind to patrons, in addition to tax reductions. 

These are permitted at a rate of 25% of the amount of the donation

For example, if your company makes a donation of 10,000 Euros to the European Centre for Financial Law for a given project, the European Centre for Financial Law could communicate to your clients regarding your scientific patronage activities. 

These benefits in kind can be valued at upto 2,500 Euros

Because we are transparent with regard to our policy on the use of donations

Certified accounts

The European Centre for Financial Law is a key stakeholder in the legal and financial research sector. 

It offers every safeguard in terms of transparency, stability and efficiency. 

Our accounts are certified annually by an accounting firm and auditor

A bespoke patronage model

We will work with you to create a bespoke patronage model in line with your objectives. 

You will always have the right to information, and will always be aware how your money is spent

And because we would not exist without you

The fund’s resources are made up of

  • income from its donations
  • proceeds received for services rendered and activities authorised under its articles of association

We therefore need your donations to continue our activities

Respect for your privacy

We are committed to safeguarding your data, in compliance with the applicable legislation

Under the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, modify, correct or remove data concerning you. 

You can also object to such data being exchanged with others.

Do you feel strongly that law, finance and economics are the keys to understanding today’s world? 

Help us advance the understanding of these subjects by joining the Friends of the European Centre for Financial Law!