Our mission

The objectives of the Centre are based around three key areas

  • Observing and analysing trends in the field of financial law
  • Forging connections between academic research and the business in an international context
  • Encouraging any projects of general interest contributing to the public debate, the promotion of equality opportunities in higher education and research, and the diffusion of learning in the field of financial law

Our activities

Our activities are organised around four main areas of intervention

Encouraging research and promoting learning in the field of financial law

  • By diffusing the latest research in financial law, through work carried out by members of the teaching profession and researchers associated with the Centre
  • By organising scientific events, conferences and round tables, with renowned experts including investors, issuers, advisers, regulators and academics
  • By contributing, through the funding of grants, training courses and research prizes, to research and learning among young graduates, young researchers and professionals in the fields of law and finance

Bridging the gap between academic theory and real-world practice; promoting synergies between academia and the business sector 

  • By enabling university researchers to better understand the issues and environment faced by professionals
  • To enable the completion of research work more closely suited to the demands of the market and its stakeholders
  • By raising awareness among professionals in the financial sphere about the benefits of research in identifying their needs

Contributing to the public debate in the field of financial law

  • By producing relevant research based on the best academic research methods
  • ......in order to clarify issues of financial law facing public and private decision makers
  • By encouraging the general public to take an interest in research – French research in particular – in the field of law and finance

Contributing to a dynamic process of exchange between European universities

  • By encouraging mobility among researchers (French researchers in particular) at continental level 
  • By highlighting French academic contributions to international conferences

Articles of Association

The rules related to the functioning of the European Observatory of Financial Law are set out in the articles of association of the donation fund and in the internal regulations, updated in 2019 and downloadable below.